Unlock the Future of Sheet Metal Automation: Prima Power’s Night Train Genius System Revealed.

Discover the cutting-edge world of sheet metal automation with Rowan Easter-Robinson as he looks into Prima Power’s Night Train Genius system. Barry Rooney from Prima Power UK gives an exclusive demo, showcasing the automation capabilities that are revolutionising the sheet metal industry. Ever wondered how to streamline your sheet metal operations? The Night Train is a mass material storage system that seamlessly connects to various machines, transforming how businesses store and process sheet metal. What sets this video apart? Not only do we showcase the system, but we reveal how Prima Power’s own control systems integrate flawlessly with any ERP system, bridging the gap between software and machinery. Small business or large enterprise – it doesn’t matter. Learn how modular systems can scale with your sheet metal fabrication needs. Witness the future, and consider what Prima Power can do for your business. Ready to grow? Get in touch with Prima Power.

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