Flexibility, modularity, and maximum sheet utilization with Prima Power’s PSBB system!

The punch, shear, buffer, and bend (PSBB) system from Prima Power is a flexible and modular solution designed according to the specifications of machines and requirements of the customer to give them ultimate processing capabilities for high volume parts. The system, shown in the video, consists of a tower with raw materials that are loaded into a punch and shear system. This is where punch features, holes, forms, or tap features are added. When processing is finished, the shear will cut every blank out of that sheet, producing parts ready to be processed. A bent turning device flips the part if needed, and a panel bender bends all the edges in sequence until we have a finished part. With very clever software, the system offers maximum sheet utilization, essential for fully automated manufacturing systems. The system can be used to produce millions of parts or a kit of parts that all go into the assembly line. Prima Power’s PSBB system also works during shadow time, so there’s no dead time for any machine. Customers trust this massive investment owing to Prima Power’s decades of experience, expertise, and consultative approach for providing solutions that suit production demands for now and the future.

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