Laser Genius+ from Prima Power offers max efficiency and AI for running unattended!

Today on MTDCNC, we’re here to talk about Prima Power’s brand new 2D fiber laser cutter. This machine is all about speed, efficiency, and removing any dead time from the process. With a gantry type design, the Laser Genius+ allows for a narrow and compact machine with a reversible flow. The machine is designed to process a pallet load of material and automatically load and unload parts. With the Laser Genius+, customers no longer need to worry about setting up the machine, everything from optimization to calibration is done by the machine itself. Hear more from Barry about the fifth-generation adaptive head with Artificial Intelligence and the ability of the machine to run through the night for different types of parts, materials, and thicknesses. Prima Power are known for their world-leading fiber laser technology – a much more efficient and simpler form of laser cutting. Using their laser technology in a machine built and developed by Prima Power themselves, the company is able to offer enhanced service and support for maximum efficiency in complex cutting.

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