Kitagawa QJR Quick Jaw Change Chuck

In this Technical Corner MTDCNC’s Gio reviews the Kitagawa QJR Quick Jaw Change Chuck with Marcus Hamlyn from 1st MTA. Available in 7, 8, 10 & 12 inch sizes the QJR chuck is suitable for small and large batch production. Helping to reduced set-up time by quick and easy jaw replacement, jaws are reversible & can be replaced quickly and easily by the handle supplied which also has a safety feature making it impossible to leave in the chuck. Interchangeable mounting dimensions with Kitagawa’s B-200 & BB200 series can be easily replaced with the QJR large through-bore power chuck with no compromise on accuracy or repeatability. Base jaws and soft jaws are available as option. Sounds like we should all have one of these on our lathe.

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