Game Changing Workholding Solution from 1st MTA

In this episode of the Technical Corner, Gio from MTDCNC reviews the Chick One-Lok workholding solution for CNC machine tools with 1st MTA’s Richard Evans. The One-Lok system represents an evolution in workholding technology in terms of speed, productivity, flexibility & accuracy. Unlike traditional knee mill vices, which require up to 70 complete revolutions of the handle from fully opened to closed, One-Lok features a ‘QwikSlide’ mechanism that allows the moveable jaw to be easily unlocked and slid forwards or backwards to achieve rapid set-ups. With a maximum grip of 432mm, One-Lok incorporates Chick’s new ‘Boltfast’ interchangeable jaw system, which enables soft or hard jaws to be replaced with a single turn of a locking screw. Machining accuracy is further enhanced by the unit’s novel squeeze technique, which applies an equal and opposite internal force to the fixed jaw as the moving jaw closes. It provides virtually deflection-free component clamping with 44.5 KN retaining force. In operation, it also provides a pull-down action to the workpiece for increased security and precision. Repeatability of location is to within 0.02mm. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old vices with some time saving workholding. Call 1st MTA now to find out how.

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