Chick System 5 Workholding Solution from 1st MTA

In this Technical Corner Gio explores the Chick System 5 Workholding solution with Richard Evans from 1st MTA. Chick System 5 was designed with flexibility in mind. The entire range of System 5 products work together to maximize your productivity and drastically reduce your repeat setup time. You can select from a variety of easy set-up machinable accessories to create endless opportunities. For vertical machining, the Qwik-Lok has the ability to reduce set-up and changeover times, plus maximise the number of parts in a single machining cycle, keeping the machines cutting and making money. The Qwik-Lok’s easy-to-use dual station jaws increase productivity and walkaway time, with a range of other machinable jaws also available. The innovative design reduces jaw lift while optimizing clamping force, ensuring your parts are clamped safely and securely. The clean, closed surface provides maximum chip control, easy maintenance, and simple clean-up. The Multi-Lok is the perfect solution for horizontal CNC machining. What is essentially multiple Qwik-Loks arranged as a tooling column, the Multi-Lok takes full advantage of your machine by providing the accessibility to three sides of the part, thus decreasing cycle times and increasing the accuracy of your parts. Available in different shapes and sizes, the Multi-Loks are flexible enough to suit any part or machine. The Chick Indexer Subsystem combines the productivity and versatility of the Multi-Lok with a 4th axis rotary table, thereby converting a vertical machining centre to work like a horizontal. The ISS gives you the ability to machine on multiple part sides with only one clamping, therefore decreasing the cycle time and increasing the accuracy of your part. A super flexible system with great accuracy & repeatability we could all use this system. Call 1st MTA now to find out how their products can help you save time & money.

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