HSM Components partner with Quickgrind Ltd for bespoke tooling solutions

We’re here today with Colin Griffiths from MTDCNC UK and Steve Rigby from HSM Components to talk about tooling complexities and the solution that HSM came up with for making complex parts. Steve shows us some of the fantastic components including a dry sump kit and wet sump kit that are designed to fit into race cars. HSM manufactures these parts on a three-axis mill and a fixed head lathe. In partnership with Quickgrind Ltd, HSM has come up with a tried and tested solution to maintain the consistent level of quality and bespoke tooling solutions that they offer for customers. The partnership has brought exceptional results for HSM where they are now able to achieve a superb finish on parts. With a turnaround time of two to three weeks for these bespoke solutions, HSM have been able to reduce lead times and improve quality.

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