Quickgrind now offers Amazon ordering – Order by 10pm for next day delivery

Purchasing cutting tools from Tewkesbury cutting tool manufacturer Quickgrind has now been simplified with the company’s product lines available to purchase on Amazon. Recognised for its ‘Infinite Possibilities’ approach to customer requirements in the arena of cutting tools, Quickgrind is now making ‘next day’ delivery of standard product lines a certainty.

Quickgrind has built an established position in the industry for its level of innovation and technology that has rightly earned the company the reputation for delivering on its ‘Infinite Possibilities’ slogan. By making a range of standard products available on the Amazon platform, customers can now order cutting tools as late as 10pm in most areas with guaranteed next day UK delivery. Furthermore, customers can get free One-Day Delivery on eligible items, consolidated shipping and Amazon Day with predictable and convenient weekly deliveries.

Whilst the ‘Infinite Possibilities’ service of technologically advanced cutting tools that are bespoke engineered solutions will continue to be provided through the Quickgrind engineering team; the company will introduce a standard series of high-quality innovative products through the Amazon logistics platform. Asking Quickgrind’s Commercial Manager, Mr Tim Darch what the benefits of using the Amazon platform are, Tim says: “Amazon is the world’s most successful online consumer retailer and something that every household is familiar with.  Amazon Business is now growing faster than Amazon itself.” From a logistical perspective, using the proven Amazon platform for selling cutting tools will open new doors for Quickgrind whilst guaranteeing customers that they can order next day delivery as late as 10pm. No cutting tool manufacturer with established logistical platforms can provide a service that offers such a responsive service. Additionally, this move not only opens Quickgrind up to the whole UK market but also further afield as well, such as the US, Europe and Australia in the future.”

From a business perspective, it will give Quickgrind exposure to enthusiasts, job shops and small manufacturers whilst simultaneously providing new and existing customers with the facility for ordering standard tools for next day delivery, even during the afternoon or night shift. Add the fact that 50% of the FTSE 100 companies use Amazon business, the service is equally applicable to larger manufacturers as well. This opens up access to our tooling for a wide variety of companies. At Quickgrind, we don’t see why people should have to compromise on their tooling quality or prices paid just because they are ordering small volumes.”

The Amazon online store is familiar to most households and businesses alike and this familiarity reduces the complexity of purchasing for work purposes and it can reduce procurement time spent on administration of orders. Being able to automate approval processes (all part of Amazon Business) can help dramatically reduce this administrative burden.

Additionally, customers control and consolidation of spend can be achieved through a single ‘multi-user’ account with built-in features to control how and what users buy. This eradicates what procurement staff call “long-tail spending” and rogue spending. Customers can track all their orders with ease and transparency, leveraging the expansive Amazon Business store produces lower costs with quantity pricing available and reduced shipping costs. For example, customers can spend just £80 for unlimited deliveries per year. This provides manufacturers with the traceability and confidence that staff can order cutting tools for the urgent jobs that may come in at short notice. Following this, reconciliation against company accounts and tracking is simplified with PO numbers matching the receipt or the commercial credit card statement on your organisation’s accounts.

As a global logistics leader, Amazon provides enhanced visibility and control for business with line-item detail for simple reconciliation through detailed invoices or enhanced transaction data on eligible commercial credit cards. Reconciliation reports can be downloaded through Amazon Business Analytics with customisable reconciliation reports seamlessly integrated through users existing procurement systems such as Coupa, JAGGAER and SAP Ariba.

Concluding, Mr Darch says: This really is an exciting opportunity for Quickgrind and we can see huge opportunities for both our business and our customers. Amazon will stock a complete line of standardised Quickgrind tools in bonded warehousing held at Amazon fulfilment centres and this will be available for enthusiasts and manufacturers to order in any quantity size that is required. Amazon will automatically update Quickgrind on purchase orders and stock levels and we will replenish and even adjust the Amazon stock levels to meet the requirements of the industry.

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