Inside Look: Hurco VMX30UDi – 60 Tools, Dual Screens, 5-Axis Mastery

Explore the Hurco VMX30UDi, a standout in 5-axis machining centres, with MTDCNC’s Chloe Reeve and Hurco’s Cameron Reeves. This compact powerhouse packs a punch with a direct drive spindle, delivering 15 kilowatts and 15,000 rpm.

Key highlights include its impressive 60-tool carousel, far exceeding the standard, and the seamless operation of its continuous C-axis and A-axis. Discover the precision and efficiency with features like through spindle coolant, tool and part probing, all aimed at simplifying complex tasks.

The dual touch screens for intuitive control and programming underscore the VMX30UDi’s user-friendly design. Perfect for those in precision engineering, this video showcases how the VMX30UDi can elevate your machining capabilities.

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