Hurco VM10HSi: A New Approach to High Speed Machining

Step into the future of high-speed machining with the Hurco VM10HSi, a true innovator in the 3-Axis Machining Center arena. MTDCNC’s Chloe Reeve and Phil Carr from Hurco Europe take a look into this exceptional 3-Axis Machining Center. Boasting a high-speed spindle capable of reaching 30,000 RPM, the VM10HSi stands out in the realm of precision machining. Its compact two-meter cube footprint is ideal for intricate tasks in electrodes and copper, showcasing unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

Discover key features like the advanced BT 30 spindle, a leap forward for high-speed operations, and the potential for customisation with additional axes. The video also highlights the machine’s 20 station tool changer and impressive travel distances in the X, Y, and Z axes, making it a powerhouse in a compact form.

Learn about the innovative solid model import option for streamlined operation and the machine’s availability with a short lead time. The Hurco VM10HSi is not just a step forward in high-speed machining; it’s a leap into the future of precision engineering. #HurcoVM10HSi #HighSpeedMachining #PrecisionEngineering #CNCmachining

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