Rainford Puts Component Finishing In A Finespin

To complement the new Finecut micro abrasive waterjet cutting machine, Rainford Precision has now added the Finespin® polishing and deburring machine to its product range. Available exclusively in the UK from Rainford Precision, the new Finespin® machine was initially developed to finish micron-precision components produced on the Finecut micro abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

However, the benefits of the new Finespin® machine make it the complete polishing, deburring and component washing system for small and medium sized components up to 8kg. Suitable for processing machined, die cast, waterjet, stamped and wire EDM manufactured parts with complex geometries, the new Finespin® range is ideal for manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace, jewellery and small component sectors.

The Finespin® polishing and deburring range is available in four models, the F28, F35, F45 and F50. Powered with a single phase 240V supply, the compact machines have a maximum component capacity of 1, 3, 5 and 8kg respectively. The smallest F28 model has a 280 mm by 280 mm work table whilst the largest F50 can support parts up to 600 mm by 540 mm.

Best described as impact polishing, the Finespin® series operates with extremely small rotating steel pins and a polishing fluid which combine to remove burrs, round sharp edges and clean components in a single operation. The pins are supplied in a variety of sizes down to 0.2 mm and this supports the polishing and processing of the most finite details on small components. This particularly fine polishing media prevents components from receiving surface damage and distortion whilst the dimensional tolerances of parts remain unaffected.

Operation of the new Finespin® range of machines is extremely simple and operator friendly with an intuitive interface that allows the operator to load the machine with pins, parts and polishing fluid and then just press start. Furthermore, the machine has particularly low consumable and operational costs. Polishing cycles are fully programmable and the process is often complete within 10-20 minutes. For manufacturers of particularly small or delicate components, this meticulous process eliminates the potential for over enthusiastic or heavy-handed manual finishing that could result in component scrapage.  For further details, please contact Rainford Precision, the experts in micro-manufacturing.