Rainford Promotes Importance of Micro Precision at MACH 2018

Recognised as the benchmark manufacturer of ultra-precise machining centres, KERN takes precision to a level far beyond anything that 99% of the machine tool sector can achieve. So, if you are considering visiting MACH 2018 and you have a ‘a serious precision-manufacturing’ requirement, make sure you make it to the Rainford Precision Stand to take a look at the latest KERN innovation.

On Stand H19-300, Rainford Precision will be introducing the new KERN Micro Pro, a 5-axis machining centre that has an integrated workpiece and tool changer, requires less than 4sq/m of floor space and is built for 24/7 operation. The KERN Micro Pro is perfect for high-precision series production. Characterised by its long-term stability and outstanding performance, the precision level of the new KERN Micro Pro is in the micron range whilst being competitively priced for a machine of its capability and accuracy. 

If you are looking for uncompromising precision at MACH, the new KERN Micro Pro can achieve precision levels of well below 5μm on the workpiece during 5-axis machining. By all means, scan the halls of the Birmingham NEC to find another 5-axis machine at the show capable of this level of precision – it will be a challenge. Recognised as the epitome in precision, technological advancements include the development of a highly dynamic rotary/swivel axis and an ultra-compact axis design that works in harmony with the company’s new control software.

Furthermore, the KERN software specialists have focused intensively on the issue of warm-up times. For most machine tools, the warm-up cycle is a time-wasting necessity when working at particular precision levels.  The new KERN Micro Pro will require virtually no warm-up period, hitting astounding SPC levels from the moment the machine is fired-up.

As well as giving MACH visitors an insight into the astounding precision and productivity levels of the KERN brand, Rainford Precision will also be demonstrating the remarkable new Finecut micro abrasive waterjet cutting machine and the new Finespin®  polishing and deburring machine. Alongside these machines, Rainford Precision’s technical engineers will be highlighting the unique benefits available from the vast selection of precision milling, drilling, threading, boring and special tooling options from Union Tool, Osawa, Louis Belet, Hobe, Xactform and Air Turbine. For further details, please visit the Rainford Precision Stand (H19-300) at MACH 2018.