DMG MORI Precision Boring: Redefining Precision in Heavy-Duty Machining

DMG MORI recently bolstered its horizontal boring offerings with the inclusion of the robust and adaptable products from DMG MORI Precision Boring. In heavy-duty machining scenarios where high spindle speeds and feed rates are essential, horizontal drilling holds a distinct advantage. Specifically engineered for such demands, DMG MORI Precision Boring Co., Ltd. (formerly KURAKI Co., Ltd.) specializes in crafting solutions tailored to these applications.

Established in 1938 in Nagaoka, Japan, the company has honed its expertise in manufacturing horizontal boring and milling machines for the precision machining of large and heavy workpieces. With capabilities encompassing up to 6,000 mm travel in the X-axis and accommodating workpiece weights of up to 40 tons, DMG MORI Precision Boring machines uphold stringent standards of precision. Since 2024, the company has been integrated into the DMG MORI family.

The horizontal boring machines from DMG MORI Precision Boring are meticulously crafted for the precise machining of large, heavy workpieces, catering to critical industries such as aerospace, die & mold, and energy technology. In these sectors, where precision is paramount, the machines from DMG MORI Precision Boring play an indispensable role, ensuring both the direct production of components and the manufacturing of machines for parts production meet exacting standards.

DMG MORI Precision Boring offers a diverse product range tailored to meet the unique needs of its clientele. For instance, the KBT series features a 360° rotating, hand-scraped rotary table with an indexing precision of 0.001° as standard. Additionally, the larger machines can be equipped with integrated rotary tables, enhancing flexibility. Innovative solutions, like the tilting table for the KBT-13T.A, further underscore DMG MORI Precision Boring’s commitment to meeting evolving industry demands, such as the machining of rotor hubs for wind turbines.

The sturdy construction of DMG MORI Precision Boring horizontal boring machines ensures stability across all applications. Features such as a robust bed, hand-scraped guideways, and large spindle bearings contribute to maximum precision and longevity. Moreover, advancements like the standardized pallet changing system address the evolving needs of users, facilitating higher machining speeds, handling complex applications, and streamlining machine operation in response to the industry’s demand for increased autonomy.

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