DMG MORI Unveils CTX 750|2000: Redefining Large Workpiece Machining

DMG MORI introduces the CTX 750|2000, featuring a left and optional right spindle, enabling comprehensive 6-sided machining of workpieces up to 2,040 mm in length. This universal lathe, showcased at Open House Bielefeld, extends the success of DMG MORI’s CTX series. Designed for large components and lengthy shafts, its expansive workspace supports versatile manufacturing. With capabilities like a 170 mm Y-axis for off-center milling and driven tools, the CTX 750|2000 ensures precise machining of complex parts. Positioned in an attractive price segment, it embodies flexibility akin to its predecessors, catering to diverse machining needs.

Dr. Claudio Merlo, Managing Director of DMG MORI Tortona, positions the CTX 750|2000 as ideal for complete machining in the premium universal turning segment, offering a work area suitable for diameters up to 700 mm. Automating processes is seamless with options like Robo2Go Max, complemented by the CELOS X control system for network integration and enhanced digitization. Energy-efficient operation is ensured through modern drives and cooling mechanisms, reducing energy consumption significantly.

Stability is paramount with the CTX 750|2000, featuring a left-hand spindle reaching speeds up to 3,250 rpm and a robust right-hand spindle capable of 4,000 rpm. Precision is guaranteed by the turnMASTER spindle concept and MAGNESCALE’s direct measuring systems. The machine’s turret, available with a VDI 50 option and direct drive, supports high-speed milling with driven tools reaching up to 6,000 rpm. Automation solutions, including the Robo2Go Max, empower unmanned operations during off-hours, enhancing production efficiency and flexibility.

With its comprehensive capabilities and commitment to future manufacturing trends like Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX), and Green Transformation (GX), the CTX 750|2000 exemplifies DMG MORI’s innovation in industrial machining.

Original source DMG MORI

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