Airbus Helicopters and DMG MORI: A Partnership in Precision and Safety

Airbus has been a leader in helicopter innovation since the 1960s, with its Donauwörth site reflecting a rich history in aviation technology. The foundation of Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH (MBB) in 1972, the acquisition by Deutsche Aerospace (DASA) in 1989, and the formation of the Eurocopter Group in 1992 have all led to the current Airbus Helicopters GmbH established in 2014. Today, around 8,000 employees at Donauwörth develop and construct helicopters for civil and military use, adhering to stringent safety regulations.

Precision Machining with DMG MORI

DMG MORI’s machine tools play a crucial role in machining high-quality titanium, steel, and aluminum components. Airbus Helicopters has integrated two pallet pool systems, each with five DMC 80 U duoBLOCK and DMC 80 H linear centers. These systems, along with the DMG MORI Digital Twin, ensure reliable and efficient manufacturing processes.

Certified Safety in Manufacturing

Safety is paramount for Airbus, demanding top-tier technical expertise and high-quality materials like steel, titanium, and aluminum alloys. Thomas Heinrich and Steffen Rössner, responsible for programming at Airbus Helicopters, emphasize the importance of frozen processes, ensuring that once components and their manufacturing processes are certified, no changes are made.

Efficient Production Configuration

Airbus Helicopters faces the challenge of configuring efficient production for new components. Two manufacturing lines designed by DMG MORI operate in three shifts, with each system featuring four set-up stations and high rack levels offering space for 80 pallets each. External tool magazines provide ample storage for sister tools, ensuring timely tool replacement and continuous production.

DMG MORI Digital Twin: Enhancing Production

The DMG MORI Digital Twin offers an exact 1:1 simulation of machine programs, ensuring collision-free machining and faster production ramp-up. This digital mirror image includes all machine components and functionalities, aiding in realistic training and reducing unproductive machine hours. Thomas Heinrich and Steffen Rössner highlight the cost-saving benefits and the enhanced safety and efficiency provided by the Digital Twin.

Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to safety extends to their manufacturing processes. The DMG MORI Digital Twin is integral to maintaining this commitment, offering a perfect tool to guarantee top-level safety in production. This partnership exemplifies Airbus’s dedication to innovation, precision, and safety in the aerospace industry.

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