What an event, GROB Open House 2024

GROB recently concluded its highly anticipated in-house exhibition, held from April 16th to April 20th, 2024, where visitors had the exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand the efficiency and precision of all GROB automation solutions. Spanning over 6,000 square meters of exhibition space, the event featured a showcase of 30 machines, including ten equipped with automation.

At the exhibition, GROB highlighted the seamless parts handling facilitated by its robot cells, exemplified through presentations of the G150 and G350 5-axis universal machining centers integrated with the GROB GRC-R12 and GRC-R240 robot cells. These cells, renowned for their adaptability and versatility, demonstrated top-tier parts handling capabilities, showcasing the pinnacle of automated production.

Moreover, visitors experienced the versatility and flexibility of GROB’s pallet storage systems, with eight rotary, tower, and linear storage systems on display. From the expansive PSS-R900 to the compact PSS-T300, GROB showcased its comprehensive range of pallet handling solutions, emphasizing the efficiency and productivity gains enabled by unmanned machine operation.

An integral part of GROB’s automation offering is its all-encompassing approach, combining robot cells, pallet storage systems, and machining centers into cohesive automation concepts. This holistic approach ensures seamless integration and maximizes production efficiency for customers across various industries.

A highlight of the exhibition was the live demonstrations of the GROB Mobile Robot (GMR), which simplifies pallet and tool handling, enhancing material movement efficiency. Paired with the G550 and PSS-R900, visitors witnessed firsthand the synergy between automation solutions, experiencing intelligent and streamlined production processes.

Additionally, GROB showcased its GROB4Automation control software, offering intuitive order planning and control for pallet storage systems and robot cells. With features such as drag & drop functions and seamless ERP integration, GROB4Automation provides customers with a user-friendly and customizable solution for managing their automation needs.

Complementing the automation solutions were live machining operations featuring GROB’s 4- and 5-axis universal machining centers, demonstrating their capabilities across various industries such as medical technology, aerospace, and energy.

Throughout the exhibition, experts from GROB’s Centers of Excellence were on hand to provide insights and answer questions, ensuring visitors gained valuable knowledge about GROB’s technologies and applications. The event served as a testament to GROB’s commitment to innovation and its ability to cater to the diverse needs of industries through advanced automation solutions.

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