GROB Opens Sixth Production Plant in India

GROB has inaugurated its sixth production plant in Bangalore, India, enhancing its strategic presence in the region. The €8 million facility, spanning 5,000 m² on an 80,000 m² property, took two years to complete and will produce machining centers and automation systems. This plant aims to meet the growing demand in India’s automotive sector and support GROB’s global operations. It will also serve as a hub for advanced manufacturing technologies and workforce development, employing skilled Indian workers both locally and globally.

The opening ceremony underscored the plant’s importance in GROB’s strategy to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness through local production. By producing advanced machining centers and automation systems in India, GROB aims to cater to the increasing demands of the Indian market while also contributing to the global supply chain. The new plant is expected to play a crucial role in GROB’s efforts to address the global shortage of qualified personnel by training and employing skilled workers.

Additionally, the Bangalore facility will support GROB’s focus on innovation and technology. It will develop and deploy advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring that GROB remains at the forefront of industry advancements. This strategic move aligns with GROB’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in manufacturing.

For more detailed insights, visit GROB’s official page.

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