Exclusive look at DMG MORI Open House 2023: Automation & Innovation Showcase!

Are you ready to witness the future of manufacturing unfold? Join us at DMG MORI’s UK headquarters in Coventry for an exclusive preview of the DMG MORI Open House 2023, where innovation meets automation, and the possibilities are endless!

Explore All Aspects of Solutions: Discover a vast product portfolio, from two-axis lathes to high-end mill-turn and five-axis machines, catering to all your manufacturing needs.

Emphasis on Automation: Learn how automation is revolutionising the industry, reducing work in progress, handling time, and costs.

The Changing World: Understand how the world has evolved, facing challenges like a lack of labour and knowledge, and how automation is the answer.

Increase Productivity: See how DMG MORI’s automation solutions aim to boost productivity in the manufacturing sector.

Supporting UK Manufacturing: Hear why this event is crucial in supporting UK manufacturers in a challenging environment.

Mark your calendars for the DMG MORI Open House on the 18th-19th and 25th-26th of October. Don’t miss the Apprentice Focus Day on the 20th of October.

As always, MTDCNC will be bringing you the technology from the event so stay tuned for the latest in machine tool innovation!

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