Exploring Hydrafeed’s 2-Tonne Bar-Feeder at EMO 2023: A Chat with Martyn Page

Curious about automatic bar-feeders? We discuss Hydrafeed’s offering designed for fixed-head machines.

In this MTDCNC video, Chloe Reeve talks to Martyn Page from Hydrafeed LIMITED during EMO 2023. They dive into the specifics of Top Automazioni’s new automatic bar-feeder.

The conversation covers the equipment’s bar capacity, ranging from 10mm to 100mm, and its ease of use. Unlike many traditional machines, this one doesn’t require additional guide channels.

The system is noteworthy for its quick setup—under a minute according to Martyn, and its capability to handle up to two tonnes of bar material.

Martyn points out that the system is particularly user-friendly when it comes to programming. All you need to do is input the bar diameter and type, and the system sorts out the rest.

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