The revolutionary ROBOJOB proves low-volume high-mix automation is possible!

Giovanni Albanese from MTDCNC is at the ROBOJOB stand at AMB 2022 to investigate high-mix low-volume automated solutions. The ROBOJOB doesn’t just automate components, it can automate complete set ups too, be it serial work or single pieces! Giovanni talks to Frederik Amerijickx to discuss the fabulous tower solution and find out exactly how it helps customers do more, run longer, and increase profitability with low-volume high-mix parts. Available from Hydrafeed in the UK, the ROBOJOB replicates a milling and turning station and has the capacity to store parts vertically. The actual payload of this version of the robot is 70 kg with a gripper on top. Fully configurable and built for safety, the ROBOJOB does what it needs to while the operator can work on one side. Hear more from Frederik about the brilliant ROBOJOB software, a gamechanger that is set to revolutionise automation!

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