This manual EDM from Eurospark is a perfect investment for Bloom-In-Box

Why would a company buy a manual Eurospark machine over a CNC machine? MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala is here to find out from David Reardon of Bloom-In-Box! Having a reduced need for CNC aspects and high-volume production, Bloom-In-Box opted for the Joemars EDM AZ50DR from Eurospark – a perfect fit for the business in terms of amount of use, ease of use, and easy programming in minutes. Although designed as a fully manual machine, Bloom-In-Box can simply set it up and leave it running! Find out more about the machine’s Fuzzy Logic Control and quick point plate that offer speed, simplicity, and accuracy and how Bloom-In-Box were sparking within 24 hours of machine delivery.

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