Deep hole drilling is easier for Piper Cams with this amazing EDM machine from Eurospark

Is it possible to drill a hole 3cm deep and 0.5mm in diameter in 67 Rockwell hardened steel? It sure is for Piper Cams when they’ve got this incredible Eurospark EDM machine! Lyndsey Vickers of MTDCNC meets David Crabb of Piper Cams to find out more from the manufacturers of high-precision camshafts to tolerances within microns. With modern thinner oils and camshafts, it’s critical that holes are much smaller to lubricate moving parts. The non-contact EDM machine from Eurospark allows Piper Cams to drill deep holes from 0.1mm up to 3mm diameter, offering great diversity to meet customer requirements. Find out more from David about this brilliant EDM machine that takes less than 6 hours to be up and running because it’s so simple to use!

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