Sodick Inc. Introduces ALG Die-Sinker EDM Series: Unleashing Precision, Speed, and Automation

Sodick Inc. presents the ALG die-sinker EDM series, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates discharge control technology, rigid linear motor control, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Engineered to elevate machining stability, enhance performance, and achieve accelerated machining speeds, the ALG series is a game-changer in the world of mold production.

The ALG Series harnesses the capabilities of an SP Power Supply to double motor response speed, delivering heightened precision and efficiency across the entire discharge machining spectrum. A key feature includes the incorporation of the Arc-less 4 circuit, significantly reducing electrode wear and contributing to improved speed and surface finish.

Addressing the rising demand for automation in job shops, Sodick ensures that the ALG sinker series is tailored to accommodate diverse automation needs. Equipped with a three-sided, automatic vertical machining tank controlled autonomously, the system seamlessly integrates with workpiece/electrode replacement systems using automatic electrode changers or robots. This feature enables continuous automatic operation, characterized by high precision and high-speed machining.

Stay ahead in the realm of die-sinker EDM with Sodick’s ALG Series, where precision, speed, and automation converge for unparalleled mold-making excellence.

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