Save 10% cycle time and avoid buying another machine when you have the Sodick GL30A-LP from Sodi-Tech

“A 10% saving on cycle time is the difference between having to buy another machine or not!”

If you’re not into complexity and just want to produce good parts, the Sodick GL30A-LP from Sodi-Tech is an easy-to-use machine you should be looking at! Get ready for a deep dive into Sodick’s well-known injection moulding technology featuring the V-LINE two-stage plunger injection system, offering unbelievable speed and better control of dimensions for small parts or bigger parts with tight tolerances.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion between MTDCNC’s Paul Jones and Sodi-Tech’s Conor Cooke because there’s a lot that this hybrid hydraulic machine can do for you!

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