Metal Removal That is Out of This World | Technical Corner

Ever wondered how precision tooling reaches beyond earthly bounds? Dive into the extraordinary world where FMT Tooling Solutions, a part of the Walter Group, makes it’s mark not just in metal removal but in space exploration too. Join MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala and Chris Young from FMT in the Technical Corner, uncovering how their advanced PCD tooling technology has evolved from traditional manufacturing to contributing in the realms of space. This episode is a must-watch for engineers and CNC machinists intrigued by the fusion of precision engineering and space technology. Discover the innovative edge that FMT brings to both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial projects. For more on these ground breaking solutions, visit or connect with a Walter representative. #SpaceTech #PrecisionEngineering #FMTTooling #InnovationInSpace #MTDCNC

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