Langley Alloys have a huge amount of 32760 super duplex available for any application!

Ferralium is the world’s first super duplex steel developed by Langley Alloys – and today, we get to learn about the competition!

Also developed in the UK as the world’s second super duplex, 32760 offers great strength, corrosion resistance, and cost effectiveness for customers for a wide range of applications. What are the differences between these high-strength materials? And how can fastener manufacturers benefit from these popular grades? Find out everything in this Technical Corner with MTDCNC’s Rowan Easter-Robinson and Langley Alloys’ Rodney Rice!

The home of Super Duplex

  • Ferralium 255-SD50 (1.4507, S32550)
  • S32760 (1.4501, F55)
  • 2507 (S32750, 1.4410, F53)
  • 2205 (S32205, 1.4462, F51)

Nickel alloys too

  • Alloy 718 (N07718, 2.4668)
  • Alloy 625 (N06625, 2.4856)
  • Alloy 725 (N07725)
  • Alloy 825 (N00825, 2.4858)
  • Alloy 925 (N09925)
  • Alloy K-500 (2.4375

High performance stainless steels

  • Fermonic 50 (Nit50, 1.3964, XM19, S20910)
  • Fermonic 60 (Nit60, S21800)

Unique copper alloys

  • Hiduron 130 (2.1504, DTD900/4805)
  • Hiduron 190 (NES835)
  • Hidurel 5 (2.0855, DTD498)

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