THIS is Engineering: Swiss-Style Mastery

Ever wondered how Swiss-machine engineering evolves to meet today’s manufacturing demands? Dive into this exclusive MTDCNC North America interview with Joseph Dragisich from TSUGAMI AMERICA as we explore the S206-II – opposed gang tool CNC lathe. We’re uncovering the brilliance behind Tsugumi America’s custom-made parts ejection solution for long bone-screws, a game-changer for the medical industry. With advanced Quick Change technology, Tsugumi proves versatility isn’t just for high volume production anymore. Learn about their commitment to reducing vibrations, enhancing tool life, and ensuring a sturdy, long-lasting machine. Whether you’re new to CNC or a seasoned pro, this is the Swiss-machine insight you’ve been waiting for. Ready to elevate your manufacturing game? Tap into Tsugumi’s American-engineered excellence. #MTDCNC #TsugumiAmerica #SwissMachine #CNCLathe #ManufacturingExcellence

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