Nerc Precision Engineering just love Lang Workholding Products

Konrad Nerc, top man at Nerc Precision Engineering tells us why it’s Lang workholding solutions all the way for him. Here he is showing MTDCNC’s Colin the Lang pre-stamping unit. The work piece is stamped outside of the machine with up to 20 tons of pressure before being clamped in the Lang Makro-Grip vice. The pre-stamping process alleviates the need for your vice to exert unnecessary pressure on the workpiece which in turn means that your tool does not fight against the clamping force of the vice. This results in vastly improved surface finishes & part tolerances. Stamping units are available for work benches or on a trolley. There are 2 sizes with clamping ranges up to 245mm and 355mm and with 2 different jaw types.

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