Ritchie Precision bought four LANG RoboTrex Automation systems and have machines running 24/7!

If you’re struggling to keep your machines running 24/7, check out this fantastic LANG RoboTrex Automation system installed at Ritchie Precision! MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala and Ritchie Precision’s Greig Anderson discuss the company’s investment in four LANG RoboTrex systems attached to their DMG MORI machine. Specialists in CNC machining, Ritchie Precision required machining to tight tolerances at high volumes. Their DMG MORI machine and temperature-controlled LANG automation systems connected seamlessly to deliver 24/7 running with lights out machining through the night! Find out more from Greig on how they achieved zero downtime and how easy it is to run the program and walk away.

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