M50-G milling, turning, and drilling for complex parts

MTDCNC’s Colin Griffiths is at WFL Millturn Technologies to ask Marc Muniz about the M50-G, a new generation of multifunctional millturn machines. This machine sets the tone for large part manufacturing, tackling the complexity of components and the problems that come with it. With a swing diameter up to 670mm, it can machine components up to 6m long. It offers a powerful B axis, up to 45 kW. The M50-G can come up with 200 tools and has a robot tracker to keep the next tool close to the spindle, ultimately reducing tool changing time. WFL Millturn Technologies are known for high precision and use ultrasonic measuring for wall thickness and concentricity at any given point on the part. They also use laser scanning which produces a map of the part to create a 3D image and match it up with the original 3D image. Watch the video for more on the M50-G and how it blends with a special boring fixture by Big Kaiser to create a finished bore.

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