These machines are always up and cutting parts!

Packard Machinery believes the value of Kitamura is in its ability for production – allowing customers like Brennan Machine to hit start and walk away! Tune in to this exciting conversation between MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn and Packard Machinery’s Wendell Packard as they break down the benefits of lights out over-the-weekend production with Kitamura. As a trusted supplier for Brennan Machine for 35 years and going, Packard Machinery provides high-end equipment for automated production – including fantastic technology like the Kitamura Mycenter HX300iG/400 with a 2-station APC upgradable to 8 pallets for unmanned operation. Watch the video to learn how Brennan Machine were able to double their output while enjoying 3-day weekends – all because of their investments in reliable Kitamura machines from Packard Machinery!

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