EB Motorsports making parts that don’t exist

EB Motorsports in Barnsley are producing parts for high performance classic cars and classic racing cars with the help of Haas Automation. With parts for these 50 year old plus cars being unavailable off the shelf EB Motorsport have built up an enviable reputation as a company that can deliver the impossible. James Leet from Haas tells MTDCNC’s Lyndsey that their initial purchase was a Haas lathe with a “Y” axis so the natural progression was to a Haas UMC 750 5 axis machining centre on which they are producing some incredibly complex one off or small batch parts in some very difficult to machine metals. In some cases reverse engineering the parts such as gearboxes, brake callipers and engine blocks. The use of Haas CNC machines has allowed EB Motorsport to become the go to place for classic Porsche cars. Haas Automation, keeping the wheels turning.

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