FANUC with a vision

Tom Skubula spent some time with Oliver Selby, Head of Sales for FANUC UK, during the recent MACH 2024 show. Oliver guided Tom on a comprehensive tour of the company’s stand, discussing education, automation, and digital technology in detail. FANUC is undoubtedly a leader in advanced technologies, providing industries worldwide with opportunities to enhance productivity.

In this video, Tom explores the entirety of FANUC’s stand at the event, showcasing their latest innovations and solutions. Oliver highlighted FANUC’s commitment to education, explaining how they support training programmes to equip the next generation of engineers with the skills needed for modern manufacturing. The conversation also delved into automation, with Oliver demonstrating how FANUC’s robotic solutions streamline production processes, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency.

Digital technology was another key focus, with Oliver explaining how FANUC integrates smart technologies into their products to enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making. This comprehensive approach helps manufacturers optimise their operations and maintain a competitive edge.

The tour at MACH 2024 emphasised FANUC’s role in driving technological advancement and their dedication to supporting the manufacturing industry’s growth. Tom’s coverage of FANUC’s stand provided an insightful look into how the company’s cutting-edge technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing.

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