Siemens CAM Software Upgrade Streamlines Workflow Processes

Siemens Digital Industries Software has unveiled the most recent version of NX for manufacturing, featuring updates to NX CAM, NX CAM On-Machine Probing, and more.

In the updated NX CAM software, a new quick roughing operation facilitates a swift and easily programmable offset roughing process with a user-friendly interface, streamlining roughing operation creation with minimal input. The new face milling operation introduces modern programming techniques for interactive adjustment of toolpath parameters, incorporating zig-zag patterns to simplify face milling toolpath programming. Furthermore, the enhanced wall finish barrel swarf operation reduces machining time and enhances surface finish using advanced settings for generating optimized toolpaths. Users now have the flexibility to employ taper barrels for parts with straight walls and tangent barrels for those with curved walls.

The Cloud Connect Tool Manager has been upgraded to enable users to effortlessly generate complete tool assemblies through dynamic assembly tool preview. The inclusion of toolholders in this release facilitates the seamless creation of tool assemblies, supporting various search functions for added convenience. Existing assembly tools from the previous library version can be swiftly and automatically converted.

The latest mill-turn workpiece feature enhances the creation of advanced mill-turn CAM setups, providing a more intuitive and faster process, particularly when a machine tool is loaded. This improvement combines milling and turning workpiece definitions into a single geometry object, potentially reducing the need for additional setup efforts.

The NX CAM On-Machine Probing module, aimed at optimizing the manufacturing process and enhancing workpiece quality, now boasts a more intuitive user interface. The latest enhancement visualizes all parameter possibilities and available cycles with tooltips and images. Siemens NX CAM Post Hub offers On-Machine Probing post-processor and simulation add-ons for free, with the latest improvements incorporating the addition of layers for postprocessor and simulation extensions during commissioning.

Original source MMSonline

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