Made in the UK, loved by the WORLD!!

With 7 production facilities, over 800 retail outlets, and more than 12,000 global employees, LUSH is a true British manufacturing and retailing success story!

Recognising that sustainability is a continuous journey, last April Lush partnered with Axil Integrated Services ♻️ – an expert in sustainable waste management – who share their values and passion for circularity. Together, they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in waste management and sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of the production process is planet friendly.

The multi-million pound Lush Green Hub (main image) at its Poole site showcases the British firm’s commitment to, and investment in, finding solutions for materials that could be considered as waste.

Supported by Axil, Lush is creating circular economies, working to close the loop on packaging and water waste, and find solutions to reuse, repurpose, repair and recycle materials from across the business.

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