Axil Celebrates Featuring in The Sunday Times Best Place to Work

Axil, a leading Total Waste Management company, has been recognised as one of the Sunday Times Best Places to Work in the UK 2024.

With 94% of employees reporting satisfaction and feeling safe in their working environment, the results speak volumes. This award reflects Axil’s dedication to creating a positive, inclusive, and rewarding workplace environment where employees thrive both personally and professionally, and smile!

  • 95% say they have a good relationship with their manager
  • 94% feel happy and safe at work
  • 93% feel proud to work for Axil

Edward Pigg, MD of Axil, said: “We’re thrilled to be honoured as one of the UK’s Best Places to Work. It’s fantastic to see that 94% of our team believes Axil prioritises environmental sustainability and backs this with action. Our workplace isn’t just about tasks—it’s a space for people to have fun, explore, innovate, and grow. We’re all about pursuing excellence while enjoying every moment. This recognition mirrors our commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels appreciated and motivated.”

Despite rapid growth, with revenue reaching £34 million since its inception in 2018, Axil remains committed to preserving its defining family culture, emphasising equality and camaraderie.

Alongside competitive salaries, Axil offers packages designed to attract and retain top talent. The company embraces a fun-loving, performance focused culture.

Gallup reports that globally, 19% of workers are unhappy, leading to an 11% GDP loss. In contrast, Axil boasts a 90% happiness rate among its team. Axil demonstrates strong engagement, indicating that employees feel valued. This positive sentiment not only benefits clients and suppliers but also reflects in the passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge demonstrated by Axil’s thriving workforce.

Employees at Axil benefit from company-funded social events, a generous bonus scheme, access to local hubs for remote workers, people awards recognising contributions, and various wellbeing programmes. These incentives underscore the importance of a performance culture where recognition extends beyond financial rewards.

One of Axil’s standout features is its innovative and exploratory approach to waste management, collaborating with over 200 major customers such as BMW Group, Beko, Lush, Birds Eye, and many others across a diverse range of sectors. These include critical UK industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals. At Axil, sustainability isn’t just a slogan—it’s woven into the fabric of daily operations.

Ed further highlights Axil’s empowering culture: “At Axil, we embrace the mantra ‘Seek forgiveness, not permission that drives our entrepreneurial culture.[EP1]  ‘ Our primary goal is for everyone in the team to succeed, providing clear communication, openness, and feedback. In return, we focus our time and resources on developing great careers. Every team member is provided with the tools and support needed to thrive and excel, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive workplace with an impressive 98% employee retention rate.”

Recognising the importance of honesty in today’s workforce, Axil promotes a “Just Culture” that encourages safety reporting without fear. This approach, coupled with performance rewards and tailored flexibility agreements, contributes to an inclusive workplace where every employee feels valued.

Ed adds: “This prestigious list recognises not only the efforts we put into ensuring a brilliant colleague experience but also the culture, teamwork, and common vision we share – building better businesses to create a better world. This award is a testament not only to the culture we’ve built but to every member of our team, who should all be hugely proud of this achievement.”

97% of employees express pride in being part of the organisation, with everyone dedicated to providing exceptional service.  It’s not just a workplace; it’s the Best Place to Work, valuing teamwork, embracing change, and ensuring shared success for all—a core value cherished by the company.

The Sunday Times Best Places to Work recognises and celebrates the best employers in the UK based on feedback from employees and an independent assessment of workplace culture, leadership, and employee engagement and wellbeing.

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