Unleashing Precision: Hexagon Introduces HxGN Mould & Die Suite for Next-Level Manufacturing

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has introduced the HxGN Mould & Die suite, a comprehensive set of specialized CAD/CAM, engineering, and automation tools tailored for mould and die manufacturers across various industries, from automotive to aerospace and beyond. This suite aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality tools to customers.

Designed to empower mould designers and makers, the suite encompasses capabilities for CAD/CAE in plastic injection mould design, progressive die design, manufacturing preparation, CNC machine-tool programming, process simulation, G-code verification, shop-floor production intelligence, and automation powered by Hexagon’s digital-reality platform, Nexus.

Chuck Mathews, general manager of production software at Hexagon, emphasized, “We leveraged our expertise in mould-and-die manufacturing and top-notch Hexagon technologies to create a specialized suite that enables mould and die shops of any size to achieve superior results efficiently.”

Parth Joshi, chief product & technology officer at Hexagon, highlighted the suite’s innovative approach, stating, “The HxGN Mould and Die suite combines customer challenges with our deep domain knowledge to drive innovation. We are integrating our ecosystem technologies to facilitate better-informed decisions and faster outcomes for production teams.”

For plastic injection mould manufacturers, the suite offers tools for design and engineering, flow simulation, reverse engineering, automated electrode design, and CNC machining. It builds upon Hexagon’s renowned VISI and WORKNC software, providing comprehensive multi-axis CAM programming capabilities and support for complex 3D geometry.

Reverse engineering tools enable efficient creation of solid models from scanned data, crucial for mould repair and redesign when CAD files are unavailable. Additionally, plastic flow analysis tools assist shop-floor teams in producing cost-effective and reliable moulds, with powerful simulation capabilities accessible to non-engineers or less experienced employees.

The suite also simplifies the creation of intricate injection mould features with automated design and simulation of EDM electrodes and their holders. For progressive die manufacturers, it offers a connected workflow with tools for design, engineering, simulation, and production, allowing designers to maintain control over each forming stage and predict springback.

Supporting advanced machine tools, Hexagon’s VISI and WORKNC software helps optimize machining cycles and specialized cutting strategies specific to mould production. Prior to machining, CNC programs can be simulated and verified using NCSIMUL, the suite’s G-code simulation software, ensuring precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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