Floyd Presents Cool Solution for Crazy Milling

Now available from Floyd Automatic Tooling is the exciting new CrazyMill Cool Micro series of micro end mills from Mikron Tool. With micro machining applications increasingly commonplace in the electronics, medical, optics automotive, aerospace and defense sectors, the high-performance CrazyMill Cool Micro end mills are a game changer for the industry.
For the first time, engineers at Mikron Tool have successfully transferred high-performance cutting tool geometries to micro dimension end mills – the results are unprecedented for manufacturers in this arena. Perfect for operations as diverse as side-milling, helical interpolation, slot milling and drilling, the CrazyMill Cool Micro is available with 3 or 4 flute options with diameters from 0.2 to 1mm with effective cutting lengths of 3XD and 5XD. The high quality micro-grain carbide grade permits the grinding of special filigree geometries that maximise strength and performance, minimising the potential for tool breakages – especially when machining challenging materials.
The combination of innovative geometries, the high quality carbide grade and a patented new cooling concept deliver double the tool life performance and three times higher productivity levels than rival product lines. The integrated through coolant channels guarantee unparalleled levels of cooling. Furthermore, with a cooling channel for each of the three or four flutes – swarf evacuation that can be an issue in micro machining applications, is now a thing of the past.
The unique micro-machining S and SX geometries, patented cooling channels and Mikron’s eXedur SNP coating technology provide unsurpassed flexibility for end users. The micro-machining experts have also introduced coating technology that prevents the loss of sharp edges that can be so critical in micro machining applications. The new arrivals are available with an S geometry for machining stainless, steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and titanium alloys whilst the SX geometry type is suited for particularly challenging materials such as inconel, monel, and CoCr alloys. For further details on how you can accelerate your micro-machining performance, please contact the sliding head specialists at Floyd Automatic Tooling.

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