Edge Technologies Bar Feeder Maximizes RPM Potential

Edge Technologies’ second-generation Patriot 338 and 551 include enhanced features, new sheet metal and a new color scheme.

Faster changeovers, ease of use and safety were the driving forces incorporated from customer feedback and thousands of installations, the company says. Edge Technologies has equipped the latest Patriot bar feeder with quick-change guide channel sets, a larger viewing window and an internal LED light bar around the gripper area — features that ease setup and production monitoring. The main bushing device and second movable anti-vibration device (MAVD) are improved to stabilize bar stock between guide channel and lathe spindle, maximizing RPM potential.

The bar feeder also boasts major upgrades to the motion control system and human-machine interface (HMI). The touchscreen control is said to be interactive and easy to program. Programming is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate basic part processing on fixed and sliding headstock lathes as well as more advanced applications. The new Schneider motion control system is the latest in programmable logic controller (PLC) technology with built-in ethernet ports to accommodate advanced interfacing and the ability to push and pull data from a CNC lathe. The machines feature part program storage of 500 jobs.

Original source Production Machining

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