Ceratizit Unveils Advanced Tooling Solutions with Product Enhancements

Ceratizit introduces notable enhancements to its tooling portfolio, showcasing advancements in the MaxiMill 273-08 face mill, WPC – Change Drill, and the HyPower Rough and HyPower Access 4.5-degree hydraulic chucks.

The MaxiMill 273-08 series, a double-sided, negative indexable octagon milling insert, now offers up to 16 cutting edges per insert, making it ideal for applications demanding efficient machining with deeper cuts of up to 6 mm. Specifically designed for mass production in the automotive industry, the milling cutter combines the benefits of negative and positive indexable inserts, ensuring optimal cutting edge utilization.

The ONKU 080608 indexable insert for the MaxiMill 273-08, suitable for machining steel and cast iron, features high insert thickness and a large corner angle of 135 degrees, enhancing stability and reliability, even in high chip removal rates and unmanned operation scenarios.

Ceratizit’s WPC – Change Drill undergoes a transformation with an exchange system, enabling quick changeovers and minimal material usage. The wear-resistant steel base body allows easy replacement of PVD-coated carbide exchangeable cutting inserts, enhancing convenience and reducing the risk of incorrect assembly. The drill, suitable for multiple uses with a clamping flat and through-coolant, offers efficient hole production with diameters ranging from 14 to 30 mm and depths of 3 × D and 5 × D.

The HyPower Rough hydraulic chuck excels in dynamic milling operations, providing robust performance during extended milling cycles in high-temperature environments. Designed for tools with an HA shank, this chuck ensures process security, high chip removal, and exceptional stability.

For precision finishing, reaming, and drilling applications, Ceratizit introduces the HyPower Access 4.5-degree hydraulic chuck, catering to diverse markets such as tool and die production, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. This chuck, matching the dimensions of a shrink-fit chuck, offers a resource-friendly and cost-effective alternative while delivering superior performance and precise results. The enhancements showcased by Ceratizit underscore its commitment to providing cutting-edge tooling solutions for various machining needs.


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