Exploring Innovation: WFL Millturn Technologies Opens Doors to Showcase Cutting-Edge Machining and Technology Solutions

WFL Millturn Technologies is set to welcome visitors and exhibitors at its headquarters in Linz, Austria, providing a platform to showcase cutting-edge machine and technology highlights. The three-day event, spanning from March 5th to 7th, 2024, offers a comprehensive exploration of current trends and developments within the industry across an expansive exhibition area exceeding 4,000 m².

During this technology meeting, WFL Millturn Technologies will unveil the doors of its Linz headquarters, creating an opportunity for interested individuals to immerse themselves in the latest advancements in metalworking technology. Attendees will have the chance to gain hands-on experience with WFL’s newest machines and technology solutions.

A focal point of the technology meeting will be the presentation of automation solutions, featuring the innovative articulated robot from partner and subsidiary FRAI. This articulated robot, showcased in a robot cell, stands out as an exceptionally flexible option for automating production machines and processes. The event will also feature a live demonstration of a mobile robot on an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), showcasing its capability to efficiently handle tasks such as picking up chuck parts and tools from the warehouse.

Visitors will witness live demonstrations covering the entire spectrum of machining on machines of various sizes, ranging from the M20 to the M150 Millturn. A notable addition to the showcase is the latest family member, the M20 Millturn, equipped with two additional center distances of two and three meters, catering to longer shaft parts. The machine’s unique optional individual tool carrier with B-axis for turning on the lower system allows simultaneous machining in all required angular positions on both spindles.

In addition to the machining solutions presented on the M80X Millturn and M50 Millturn, attendees can explore WFL Flanx gearing solutions. Live machining operations will demonstrate software cycles like Flanx-Hob, Flanx-Spline, Flanx-Large Module, Flanx-Invo, Flanx-Gear Skiving, and Flanx-Measure. Flanx-Measure, a cycle package for scanning and measuring relevant parameters directly on the WFL Millturn, ensures precise measurement of tooth shapes, tooth thickness, pitch, or concentricity, enhancing component quality.

The operational data acquisition system, my WFL Cockpit, empowers users with optimal information about machine productivity. Visualizing machine and program states, productivity, and technical availability over time, this user-friendly software can be accessed on the machine control, PC, or mobile devices. The introduction of my WFL Health Check, a new tool, allows semi-automatic measurement of the B-axis and tailstock, along with the main and counter spindle, ensuring machine geometry remains in optimal condition. The software also includes cycles and test equipment for measuring and logging geometry, enabling the identification of long-term trends through integrated measurement data logging. With my WFL, users can maintain a comprehensive view of their operations and tap into optimization potential for smart factory initiatives.

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