At the Soraluce Summit 2023, there isn’t a problem that Soraluce don’t have a solution for!

MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala interviews David Gonzalez Conchas of Soraluce to find out more about a continuously expanding company with some of the most unique technology on the market. Showcasing their brand-new building plant 6, Soraluce are now reaching a combined 30,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities where they have state-of-the-art solutions and a brand-new Performance Line on display. David shares more on their exclusive patented technology and highly automated solutions for sectors such as aerospace, aeronautics, and oil and gas. Tom gets to learn about Soraluce’s specialized solutions for eliminating chatter and delivering excellent surface finish, complex customizable 14-pallet multi-tasking machines, their space-saving 5-pallet vertical storage machine, high column machines for very large components, a special machine for removing toxic carbon fiber, and a one-of-a-kind hybrid tower for milling concrete and fabricated steel! If you want to see the fantastic capabilities of never-before-seen technology, don’t miss this exclusive Open House tour.

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