Everything robots, service, and support with Michiel at HALTER CNC Automation Open House

What’s it like to be a Service Manager at HALTER CNC Automation? When you’ve got robots that can’t go wrong, it might be the easiest job ever! Colin Griffiths of MTDCNC and Service Manager Michiel Weemaes of HALTER CNC Automation discuss all things robots, installation, and service and support. From order inquiry all the way through to post-installation, Michiel is involved every step of the way, making sure everything is prepared to keep downtime as short as possible for customers. These robots can interface with any lathe and any mill in the market, whether brand-new or legacy machines, offering loads of functionality and options. Find out more from Michiel about custom functionality and how HALTER CNC Automation can have your spindles turning and robots running right away.

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