Sodick’s Black Edition: The Apex of EDM for Watchmaking & Medicine | EMO 2023

Ready to make manufacturing inefficiencies and high material costs a thing of the past? See how Sodick’s Black Edition machines offer ground breaking solutions to transform your bottom line, all without sacrificing precision.

MTDCNC’s Lyndsey Vickers explores Sodick’s game-changing Black Edition series, perfectly engineered for the high-stake worlds of watchmaking and medicine.

The video walks you through the Black Edition’s phenomenal capabilities—reducing power consumption by 20% or achieving unparalleled accuracy. Sodick brings industry-leading technologies to the table, setting new standards for the future.

What sets the Black Edition apart? It’s more than just aesthetics. These machines offer superior accuracy with power-efficient features, not to mention the 10-year longevity guarantee.

For instance, these machines can cut wire diameters down to 0.003mm with a remarkable accuracy of +/- 1 micron, all while reducing ongoing costs. This is precisely the kind of reliability and efficiency the industry craves.

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