Lights out running for 2 weeks! How?

MTDCNC’s Rowan flies out to Switzerland to visit the Escomatic factory to check out some amazing CNC machines. Greg Mitchell from Escomatic tells us they have been making machines since 1949 and have over 15,000 machines installed world wide and what machines they are! Available in the UK & Ireland from their distributor, Premier Machine Tools, who offer full sales, technical support, parts & training for the Escomatic brand. These incredible little machines produce tiny parts at a phenomenal rate. Using static parts and rotating tools these machines offer great accuracy & repeatability. A 50kg 2mm diameter coil of brass can run lights out without any tool changes for an incredible 2 weeks, producing 2-3 million parts. If you want to find out more about these astonishing little machines contact Premier Machine Tools now.

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