This system ensures 100% stain-free and dry components

If you’re having problems cleaning your components manually or your current cleaning system can’t get to all the bores, pockets, and complex features, check out the EcoCwave from ECOCLEAN. Rowan Easter Robinson of MTDCNC and Matt Cooper of ECOCLEAN talk about the powerful machine with ultrasonics, spraying, injection flood wash, and three tanks for filtration, wash, and rinse. The EcoCwave is a high-volume, high-capacity system that gives an extremely high cleaning standard. It uses a high distillation and filtration rate to hold quality for longer. With the options of a hot air-drying system and vacuum drying feature, the EcoCwave ensures 100% dry components. Environmentally friendly, great operator ergonomics, and industry-specific maintenance make the EcoCwave a perfect option for a water-based cleaning system. Check out the full video for more information on maintaining the quality of water and reducing contamination.

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