From India to Sweden: How Modig’s Diverse Talent Tackles Manufacturing Challenges

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in a truly global manufacturing team? Picture an environment where diverse skills and cultural insights come together to provide smarter solutions.

In this MTDCNC video, Tony Gunn speaks with Pradeep Sahoo, who’s travelled all the way from Tata in India to be part of Modig Machine Tool’s multifaceted team in Sweden.

We delve into the vibrant working culture at Modig, the firm’s unwavering commitment to R&D, and how a diverse skill set among employees can lead to better problem-solving in precision engineering.

What makes Modig distinct? It’s their diverse and intelligent workforce, who aren’t just filling roles but are active participants in a culture of innovation that tackles real-world manufacturing challenges.

Modig offers a dynamic platform for engineers like Pradeep to deploy new technologies and techniques that can significantly reduce inefficiencies in the manufacturing process.

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