Unlocking Automation with Matsuura Cublex-35 | Game-Changing Journey

Tune In for an Automation Deep Dive with Richard Jones of RSJ Machining LLC! In this video with Tony Gunn from MTDCNC North America, we uncover Richard’s unique experience with the Matsuura Cublex-35.

Dive in as Richard shares:

His initial venture into the world of automation with a used Matsuura and its transformative effects on his operations.
The power and efficiency of the Cublex-35, a beast of a machine equipped with over 300 tools, consistently running 24/7.
The art of minimizing operations from 4 or 5 setups using the machine’s signature mill-turn feature.

What’s the real advantage of combining turning and milling in one setup? Richard spills the beans on his first-hand experiences, shedding light on heightened accuracy and streamlined processes.

Inspired by Richard’s story? Looking to revolutionize your own workshop? Don’t miss out on this enlightening chat uncovering the unmatched benefits of harnessing a machine that never sleeps.

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