Mastering machining with this CAM

Imagine having such trust in your CAM package that you stick with it for two decades. That’s the confidence FGP Systems has in Mastercam. In this video, we talk to Simon Griffiths-Hughes from FGP Systems Ltd to delve into the secrets behind their long-term success in 5-axis machining for the aerospace industry.

Their 20-year collaboration with Mastercam has elevated FGP Systems to become a one-stop-shop for their customers. The cornerstone? Mastercam’s Blade Expert feature, which has dramatically reduced the programming time from weeks to mere afternoons for complex turbine blades.

Simon gives us an insightful look at how their partnership with Mastercam has allowed FGP Systems to grow substantially—from a single 5-axis machine to 15 today, along with 63 CNC machines across the board. This has not only made them more competitive but has also addressed industry pain points such as manufacturing inefficiencies and rigorous quality standards.

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