Discover Ferralium 255: Langley Alloys’ Super Duplex Stainless Steel | Technical Corner

Let’s jump into some material science with Langley Alloys’ Ferralium 255, a pioneering super duplex stainless steel. This material, with over fifty years in the market, offers a unique combination of high strength and remarkable corrosion resistance, making it a cost-effective choice for challenging environments.

Langley Alloys has a rich history dating back to 1938, developing specialised alloys for industries like naval and aerospace. Ferralium 255, part of their diverse portfolio, is a blend of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. It boasts a 25% chromium content for superior corrosion resistance and includes nitrogen and copper for enhanced performance in sulfuric acid environments.

This video delves into the properties of Ferralium 255, highlighting its significance for CNC machinists and design engineers.
While it presents machining challenges due to its strength, it remains a viable and widely used material in various intricate applications.

Join us in uncovering the details of this innovative material and its practical applications in precision engineering.

Langley Alloys – The Home of Super Duplex

• Ferralium 255-SD50 (1.4507, S32550)

• S32760 (1.4501, F55)

• 2507 (S32750, 1.4410, F53)

• 2205 (S32205, 1.4462, F51)

Nickel alloys too

• Alloy 718 (N07718, 2.4668)

• Alloy 625 (N06625, 2.4856)

• Alloy 725 (N07725)

• Alloy 825 (N00825, 2.4858)

• Alloy 925 (N09925)

• Alloy K-500 (2.4375

High performance stainless steels

• Fermonic 50 (Nit50, 1.3964, XM19, S20910)

• Fermonic 60 (Nit60, S21800)

Unique copper alloys

• Hiduron 130 (2.1504, DTD900/4805)

• Hiduron 190 (NES835)

• Hidurel 5 (2.0855, DTD498)

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